Trankokeriet Antikk

Located in the seaport of Ålesund in Norway, Trankokeriet Antikk is one of the most beautiful secondhand and vintage shops in an area renowned for its concentration of Art Nouveau architecture

What better place for an antique store like Trankokeriet Antikk to conduct business, than in a town renowned for its concentration of Art Nouveau architecture? Located in the seaport of Ålesund in Norway, Trankokeriet Antikk is one of the most beautiful secondhand and vintage shops in the area. And it is gaining a reputation with collectors from further afield as a place that is certainly worth a visit.

Of course, the Art Nouveau setting adds weight to this argument, though it is also the unique and intriguing items showcased in the store that has got people talking, and heading in through the front doors to further explore.

We can not say enough about the lovely location of Trankokeriet Antikk. The building itself is bordering on antique and is one of the few original constructions that survived the devastating fire that destroyed most of Ålesund in the early 1900s. It sits on a protected area of coastline with a view to the mountains. It is a large, wooden structure, with more than 350 square meters of exhibition space to house and displays the antique items. The goods are spread over two floors and arranged with care so that nothing is too cluttered, and the whole store is easy and enjoyable to browse through.

Visitors to Trankokeriet Antikk feels as though the soul of the town has been authentically captured in this store, and with the surrounding locals. The atmosphere within is so welcoming, and you can really feel the past calling to you when browsing through the goods here. Old posters and advertizing memorabilia can be found, alongside pieces of art, vintage clothing, and handbags, vinyl collections, taxidermy, furniture, kitchenware and much more.

Trankokeriet Antikk also hosts a cafe, which makes it perfect to unwind after shopping there, admire the surroundings and perhaps have a chat with fellow antique enthusiasts that have stopped by. It is also a great opportunity to have a seat and think about which items to take home with you, and which to leave to the next visit!

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