Tulsa Flea Market

Since 1996, the Tulsa Flea Market has developed a reputation for selling quality vintage and collectible antiques and has become a staple for shopping enthusiasts enjoying the weekend in Tulsa

For a wonderful family-run flea market with a great reputation for selling quality vintage and collectible antiques, head to the Tulsa Flea Market, which is open for business once a week. It has been trading since 1996 and has become a staple for shopping enthusiasts enjoying the weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is always set up somewhere in Expo Square – depending on the time of year and availability, it does cycle through a few of the buildings here, so keep an eye on their website for the most up to date information for this market.

Whichever building the Tulsa Flea Market sets up in, there is always plenty of space with one of the larger spots having more than 50,000 square feet to fill with vendors! Also, the indoor locations mean that this market can be enjoyed come rain or shine (or tornadoes!). The size of the flea can be a bit variable over the year, which is another good reason to keep in touch with the organizers. Those that live further afield might want to time their trip to hit one of the larger markets, though anyone local to the area will agree that it is always worth dropping in no matter how many stalls are set up.

The diverse vendors at the Tulsa Flea Market display an eclectic range of antiques, memorabilia, vintage items, records, furniture, crafts, jewelry, books and so much more. With something for everyone and free entry to boot, there is no reason not to shop here.

The atmosphere at the Tulsa Flea Market is always jovial and welcoming. Many of the vendors are regulars and obviously enjoy the weekly hustle and bustle of the flea, and interactions with other regular vendors and shoppers. There is a nice mix at this market of vendors who stick to their pricing and those that like to haggle, so shoppers should be sure to stroll around, see what’s available and then perhaps target the vendors with some wiggle room on the price tickets!

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