Vintage Garage Chicago

Browse over 75 vendors and discover antiques, collectibles and all-things-vintage at this quirky flea market in Chicago.

Held a few times a year, Vintage Garage Chicago is a dream destination for anyone who is passionate about all-things-vintage. This flea market is home to anywhere between 75 and 100 vendors each time, displaying retro goodies and antiques on the first three levels of the garage.

Rain or shine, this flea market is always open. The garage is covered, so vendors and customers needn’t worry about getting rained on. It’s also pleasantly surprising how beautiful and Pinterest-like a parking garage looks when it’s filled with knick-knacks and vintage oddities.

The admission fee is $6 and lasts for the whole day. The Vintage Garage Chicago welcomes families and (friendly) dogs, in fact, children under 16 are allowed in for free! Discover vintage clothing, original artwork, intricate jewelry, ornate furniture Midcentury furniture and specifically a lot of items from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Something fabulous and unique about Vintage Garage is that every month has its own theme. The organizers are active on Facebook and create events for every flea market. If you are arranging a wedding anytime soon, make sure you visit the market for their Vintage Wedding theme. You will find furniture, ornaments, kitsch bunting, bridesmaid gift ideas and most of all, lots of inspiration!

Other themes include Rockabilly and Record Ramp. Visit their website for more information about their special events. They also encourage dressing up, so choose your best vintage outfit and have some fun. Also, it’s important to note that a theme is just an added bonus, Vintage Garage Chicago will always have a plethora of vintage goodies from every category for sale.

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