ZOO Market (permanently closed)

ZOO Market is a lovely tiny flea market set in the shade of the trees lining the righ bank of the Vistula River, within walking distance from Warsaw's Old Town

When you think “flea markets” and “antiques”, Poland might not be the first country that comes to mind. On the contrary, cities like Paris, London, Rome or New York City have long been celebrated as the #1 destinations for flea market hunters and vintage enthusiasts. It’s even not uncommon for many travelers & antiques lovers to almost exclusively plan a trip to one of these destinations, with the main purpose of visiting the flea markets they host.

But if you happen to be travelling to that part of Europe, particularly if you’re already visiting Germany and its flea markets, you should know that Poland has more to offer than colorful traditional outfits, great spots for backpackers and delicious food – and vodka!: the whole country literally breathe History!

From open-air markets to exotic food emporiums, brand-name clothing boutiques to traditional craft stores, Warsaw has all the shopping opportunities travelers would expect from a dynamic European capital. And for money-smart shoppers and flea market enthusiasts, the Koło flea market is probably the best place in town. But fortunately, it’s not the only one.

Located along the right bank of the Vistula River, in the historic part of the Praga district and within walking distance from the Old Town, the ZOO Market is the newest flea market in the Polish capital city. It is named after the zoological garden and outdoor terrarium for bears, which is located just on the other site of the street (hence the name and bears in the flea market’s logo).

The ZOO Market is a real gold mine for flea market enthusiasts and bargain hunters. The venue hosts twice a week, rain or shine, approximately 60 stalls which overflow with mid-century modern design from the 50s, 60s and 70s, vintage clothes and accessories, antique books, vinyls, toys, home decor, vintage souvenir from Warsaw, and other knick-knacks.

Because of its location right next to the Dworzec Wileński Metro Station, the ZOO Market acts as a magnet for locals and tourists eager to find a bargain or just browse flea market booth in a relax atmosphere. And this is no wonder why hundreds of people flock to this flea market every weekend, to search for a gift idea for their loved ones, or simply to find a new piece of decor for their home.

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4 reviews

  1. Byłam w niedzielę, 12 czerwca, koło godziny 14. To co zastałam mega mnie rozczarowało. Nawet połowa stoisk nie była zapełniona. Było też bardzo mało kupujących. Było trochę płyt, trochę ksiażek, trochę ubrań, trochę okularów i nieco staroci. Ale stanowczo czuć atmosferę ledwo raczkującego wydarzenia. Trzymam za Was kciuki, bo może się rozkręci (teraz, przez remont torowiska jest też utrudniony dostęp, nie widać Was z drugiej strony ulicy). Ja jeszcze odczekam z następną wizytą, bo to co zobaczyłam nie było warte stania w niedzielnym korku na moście śląsko-dąbrowskim i krążenia po pradze w poszukiwaniu miejsca parkingowego.

  2. Jestem wielce rozczarowana. Zaledwie kilku wystawców i niewielki wybór oferowanego towaru. A obsługa ma tak niezadowolone miny, że odechciewa się zapytać o cokolwiek. Spodziewałam się dużo więcej.

  3. Good location. Few but interesting stands with vintage items. I would suggest that the flea market starts much earlier. And try to have more true flea market stands.

  4. Jestesmy tu! I jest swietnie, muza miksowana na zywo, piekne bibeloty po malo złoty, leżaki, foodtraki, no zwyczajnie: polecamy! My tu bedziemy wracac!

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