127 Corridor Sale

Dubbed the world's longest yard sale, 127 Corridor Sale stretches over 690 miles of scenic rural highway from Michigan to Alabama where thousands of individuals clean out their closets and stake out their front yards

The 127 Corridor Sale has been dubbed the world’s longest highway yard sale – and rightly so! Every year thousands of individuals clean out their closets and stake out their front yards along the Hwy 127 corridor, stretching over 690 miles of scenic rural highway from Addison (Michigan) to Gadsden (Alabama). That’s why this incredible event is also often called the 127 Yard Sale.

The vendors band together as communities, in groups or as individuals for this unique flea market event. Over a four-day weekend they welcome the onslaught of visitors from the North, South East and West. The 127 yard sale is a mutual exchange of cultures with a common goal: to look, buy and sell.

For sheer variety, nothing tops the world’s longest yard sale. Seasoned dealers set up formal tents, locals unload the contents of their attics. A wide variety of vendors set up shop roadside, hawking crocheted table linens, boxes of fishing lures, weathered iron bed frames, and garden statuary.

If you are looking for a game plan to make the most out of your experience at the 127 yard sale, then keep in mind that you will have to pick and choose your focus. There is not one stretch of road that is consistently the best for shopping, so why not let regional attractions narrow your focus? In Tennessee alone, you can stay the night in a tepee or a log cabin and make a pit stop to pick wild blueberries at Pickett State Park.

The 127 yard sale is the perfect occasion for a road trip through rural America. As you drive the country roads, you will hear a collection of dialects and see a plethora of items that your grandmother would love – but you might, too! You will be privy to incredible stories related to the individuals and the items they sell talk to people you may have never met otherwise. Most visitors come to see the unusual and socialize – buying vintage items and antiques comes as a bonus. The 127 Corridor Sale is America at its best!

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    5 reviews

    1. So much fund. Bargains Bargains Bargains! Beautiful drive. Have made this a traditional trip with our friends!

    2. We have been going to this sale for over five years. My husband and I started out going by ourselves. Now we have family and friends going. We always find treasures of various kinds. Hope everyone has as much fun as we all do…

    3. From Chattanooga north to Albany, Ky there were great vendors with lots of variety and quality things to sell. My friend and I were looking for unique antiques and primitives and had the best luck in this stretch. The sellers were knowledgable about what they had and while we didnt’t “steal” anything, we felt as if we got good value. Kentucky was disappointing for us. It was harder to park, people were less courteous and the items for sale were of the more traditional yard sale and swap meet variety. We will not be doing Kentucky again.

    4. My Best friend flew out from Cali and we drove up from Florida and drove to Gadsden, AL and started there. Most people were super friendly and offered tips about the areas and what to check out through the pass. Lots and LOTS of cool things to look at! Yes, yard sale items and antiques…although there were a few people who were charging above retail on Mason jars with the 13 on the bottom. I found one that apparently was marked too cheap…and the guy about ripped it out of my arms claiming he couldn’t find it and his wife priced it too low. I handed him the jar and walked away. I did however find my antique demijohn further down the road and got it for a steal! Definitely something junk divers should experience!!!!
      Going back this summer!

    5. Awesome

      We live in Ohio and having been going on this for over 16 years. We usually spend a whole day in Van Werts and go north one day and south another. Love it and so glad they are still having it this year! We will wear masks/ whatever it takes!! We don’t need a thing but we always find something!!

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