Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market

Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market is one of America’s best flea markets, and a heartland’s go-to source for all things folky, retro and primitive

The Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market has been a favorite source for thousands of collectors and dealers for over twenty-five years. In fact, Country Living, Country Home, Martha Stewart Living, and CNN have continually recognized  Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market as one of America’s best markets.

The Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market takes place on a county fairground one weekend each month – except January, February and July.

Over the course of its quarter-century run, this busy monthly flea market has won a reputation as the heartland’s go-to source for all things folky and primitive, such as old metal pails, Shaker boxes, cross-stitched samplers, and calico quilts. Farmhouse antiques, like blanket chests, milk-paint cupboards, and sturdy rocking chairs also figure prominently, as do well-preserved dishware and tabletop items.

During each year’s three supersize Extravaganzas, the number of vendors swells to more than 2,500, some of them operating out of cattle barns and poultry houses. Visitors can even join the market’s online discussion forum to connect with sellers, preview goods, and even post wish lists.

Best shot at a bargain: autumn, when dealers are trying to liquidate their stock for the winter.

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    1. Lots and lots of vendors. it gets a bit confusing at times as far as where to go because there are so many lanes and ways to take. there are outdoor vendors as well as 3 nice size buildings, a nice size tent and they used many animal shelters too for housing booths. There’s also many different places to get food. in and out. I found some very neat stuff. I’ve seen some amazing stuff here. I got some good deals but many of the vendors are not shy about charging high prices. along with your antiques you do have your junk/garage sale booths. There was a nice variety of different types of booths though. It was fun and if you like antiques and/or flea markets then i highly recommend this. Its worth it.

    2. Paradise for the professional picker! Unbelievably great finds every day of the show!

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