400-Mile Sale Historic Highway 68

Gathering over 400 antique shops and hundreds of dealers and residential yard sales across 60 participating counties, 400-Mile Sale Historic Highway 68 is one of the best highway yard sale in the southern United States and a vintage enthusiast's dream

Fuel up the airstream for a multi-day antique odyssey that is Kentucky’s annual 400-Mile Sale. As the name suggests, this highway yard sale spans serious distance from Maysville to Paducah during the first weekend in June. Started in 2004, the sale welcomes an innumerable mix of antique vendors and residential yard sales stippled amid the rolling horse country landscape of Historic Highway 68.

Unlike many traditional flea markets, there is no admission fee for the 400-Mile Sale. Another bonus is antique merchants often discount prices exclusively for the event. Hours are flexible too. Most visitors wait until a courteous time to begin shopping. And vendors may stay open, as one stated, “until people quit coming.”

Vintage enthusiasts can find anything and everything they may – or may not – be looking for. From wooden sugar buckets and stoneware crocks to rare coins and gentlemen’s shaving dressers sold in past years, the 400-Mile Sale on Historic Highway 68 is a true treasure hunt for antiques and collectibles. Additionally, artisans set up tables with jewelry, pottery and an assortment of handcrafted items for purchase.

The trek also pairs a love for vintage with a slice of southern Americana life. Food trucks and locally owned restaurants serve up barbecue, biscuits, sweet tea and sundaes. Rev muscle car nostalgia at the National Corvette Museum or tune into live bluegrass and gospel music at the Kentucky Opry.

Since this can be an extensive outdoor excursion, advanced planning for Kentucky’s 400-Mile Sale is key. Bring a trailer or tarps to enclose truck beds for transporting large furniture items that cannot be passed up. Increased traffic can clog narrow roadsides, but be patient. Given its reputation for hospitality and good bargains, visitors will likely discover one-of-a-kind gems along the 400-Mile Sale on Historic Highway 68 come rain or shine.

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