Athens Schoolhouse Antiques Show

Since the 1990s, Athens Schoolhouse Antique Shows has been featuring every month, thousands of square feet of antiques and collectibles under one roof with over 70 carefully screened dealers

Once a month, the historic Athens-Boonesboro School hosts the Athens Schoolhouse Antiques Show. Since the 1990s, this event has taken advantage of this fantastic setting to showcase quality antique items in this historical spot in Kentucky. As well as featuring thousands of square feet to allow hundreds of dealers to set up their stands and display their wares, this area also has plenty of parking and is easy for everyone to access. All in all, it is easy to see why the Athens Schoolhouse Antiques Show is a much loved and much anticipated antique market.

The Athens Schoolhouse Antiques Show welcomes around 70 dealers, and all are screened to ensure that a certain level of quality is maintained at this event. The atmosphere here is so welcoming, and vendors are more than happy to chat with visitors and answer questions about their goods specifically, or more general antiquing inquiries. Each one is incredibly knowledgeable, and shoppers can learn a great deal about any items they are interested in purchasing. As any antique enthusiast would agree, it is often the stories behind the items that can make them worth having in your home!

It feels like there is nothing that can not be found at the Athens Schoolhouse Antiques Show. With so many wonderful antiques on display and such a wide range of goods, there is definitely something for everyone. Lovely pieces of art are for sale, also pins and presidential memorabilia, antique furniture, photographs, vases and other decorative ornaments, sporting goods, jewelry, porcelain items, glassware, maps and seasonal items that obviously change throughout the year.

It is easy to spend a whole day at the Athens Schoolhouse Antiques Show. The school is such a lovely venue to stroll around, the stalls have endless treasures on display and there are food stalls full of tasty refreshments so visitors can keep energized. One day may not quite be enough; in fact, it may become a monthly trip!

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