49 Antique and Flea Market

One of the unique features of 49 Antique and Flea Market is the careful scrutiny of the merchandise sold by its 200 vendors, which ensures a high quality standard across the board and gives visitors confidence in their expenditure

Featuring over 200 vendors, 49 Antique and Flea Market is considered one of the largest and best flea markets in south Mississippi. The majority of the shopping space is indoors and climate controlled, making for an easy and enjoyable experience all year round. There are also outdoor spaces available for extra vendors, and with its popularity it seems that this flea market is destined to grow.

Though each vendor is independent, the organizers of 49 Antique and Flea make sure to inspect all the items available for sale and scrutinize the goods with their expert eye. This ensures a high quality standard across the board and gives visitors confidence in their expenditure! There is also a great variety of vendors gathered here, so whatever the area of interest, it is sure to be represented in one way or another at this flea market.

49 Antique and Flea Market is rated extremely highly among its patrons, which is due both to the friendly and welcoming vendors, and also to the stock available. There are so many treasures here, ranging from toy collections that will have you fondly reminiscing to days gone by, to items of furniture that will have you questioning the current lay-out of your home, old bicycles, kitchen ware, weaponry, vintage clothing that will inspire a style change, and many examples of Americana.

It is a pleasure to walk through 49 Antique and Flea Market as everything is laid out neatly, the booths arranged in a way that makes sense for browsing and all the items are clean and really well presented. Everyone involved in the enterprise seems determined to ensure that visitors have a fantastic experience in every way, from getting great prices to having lovely conversation. It definitely works, and if you are local to Hattiesburg, you are sure to become a regular visitor of 49 Antique and Flea Market.

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