The Lucky Rabbit

For those that like to anticipate a weekend at a flea market, the monthly flea market The Lucky Rabbit and its stocks of antiques, curios, and vintage finds is the place to visit

For those that like to anticipate a weekend at a flea market, The Lucky Rabbit is the place to be. This flea market advertises itself as a ‘junk joint’, but perhaps it is more accurate to call it a treasure trove! Each month, hundreds of customers eager to discover replenished stocks of antiques, curios, and vintage finds, flock to this flea market. And once you have visited once, you will understand why.

Since many people keenly wait for the opening days of The Lucky Rabbit to roll around, it is advised for shoppers to try to get through the doors early to attempt to beat the crowds and find the very best items. However, if time is not ticking and shoppers are happy to stroll around, soak up the atmosphere and be open to buying whatever takes their fancy, it will be a pleasure to visit this market at any time of the weekend. Some visitors are surprised at the crowds though, and picking up larger items like furniture can sometimes be tricky to navigate through the throngs!

Customer service at The Lucky Rabbit is second to none. Everyone working there seems to really enjoy what they are doing, and go out of their way to be of assistance and answer any queries that shoppers have. They are really knowledgeable about antiques and second hand items, and there are some great locally made handcrafts too with plenty of information about their design and creation

As well as the handicrafts at The Lucky Rabbit, there are also excellent clothes stands, antique pieces of furniture, kitchen items, storage units, decorative items, china and porcelain items, vintage signs, antique toys, lamps, cots and so much more. The Lucky Rabbit also features plenty of refreshments on hand to keep energy levels up on what is likely to become a full day of shopping.

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