A Paris Street Market

Since 2001, A Paris Street Market has been open for business one day in a month for half of the year, to showcase antique furniture, alongside retro homeware and other vintage household accessories

Since 2001, A Paris Street Market has been open for business once a month, six times a year in Aspen Grove, Colorado. Some of the vendors have been trading their wares here since the market’s inception, and some shoppers have been visiting since then too! The market is open air, rain or shine, and locals are encouraged to support this monthly event, especially if it means getting wet to do so!

A Paris Street Market is open quite early, and vendors are setting up stalls a good couple of hours before doors open, so of course some early birds will find their way in before official opening times. Since A Paris Street Market is only open one day in a month, visitors make the most of every hour that vendors are doing business! There are some super treasures to be found at this antique market, so those with specific collecting needs should make sure they are among the first browsers. There are food stalls and coffee interspersed among the curios too, so re-fuelling is mandatory and shopping can long continue.

There is some excellent antique furniture for sale at A Paris Street Market, alongside awesome retro homeware and other vintage household accessories. The selection of items and knick-knacks for home decoration really has to be seen to be believed, and if you are searching for inspiration for redecorating then this is the market to browse through. A Paris Street Market also supports local handcrafts and there are some exquisite, creative stalls here.

It is certainly worth subscribing to mailing lists or following A Paris Street Market’s Facebook page to keep abreast of the different themes and events accompanying the flea. With these extra additions and all the food stalls, this is easily a flea that visitors will spend all day enjoying.

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