Mile High Flea Market

Much more than a flea market, Mile High Flea Market certainly provides everything needed to satisfy those that can not get enough second hand, vintage and antique ware.

Mile High Flea Market is so much more than a flea market. It certainly provides everything needed to satisfy those that can not get enough second hand, vintage and antique ware. It will also entertain children with fairground rides, keep everyone refreshed with plenty of food and drink around and provide grocery shopping opportunities at the farmer’s market within. Visiting Mile High is like visiting a fair, and it is easy to spend a day or two enjoying the whole set up.

The entire complex of the Mile High Flea Market spans over 80 acres, so it is a truly huge space. Mile High Flea Market has been a regular weekend event in Denver for many decades, and it now attracts more than 2,000 vendors to come and display their wares every weekend. With such a large amount of sellers, Mile High Flea Market is obviously a flea market with vast quantities of goods on offer and stock that is changing week on week. This means that no two visits to this flea market are ever the same!

There is a really good range of stalls featured at the Mile High Flea Market, from antique aficionados who have searched collections all week in order to populate their tables, to those that have had the annual clear out of their households and are selling the leftovers. This means that all shoppers will be delighted by the offerings, whether searching for something for the house or a certain treasure for a specific collection. There are clothes, items of furniture, toys, tools, books and other many collectables to be found at Mile High Flea Market .

It is all very well popping into the Mile High Flea Market for a quick look at the stalls or hoping to grab something specific, but visitors are hard pushed to leave without sampling some beer, chatting to stall holders, riding some roller coasters and spending more money than planned!

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    1. Everything stated seems true and accurate to me

      Absolutely amazing, informative and true. Thank you for writing this article. I am a new seller here and I LOVE working for myself.

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