Alemany Flea Market

The Alemany Flea Market is a large weekly community oriented outdoor flea market known for its great assortment and variety of antiques and vintage valuables offered for sale

One of the things you should know about the Alemany flea market, is that this venue is rather small in comparison to the gargantuan Alameda Antiques Fair, but the Alemany flea market takes place once a week – versus Alameda’s once a month affair.

The Alemany Flea Market is a community-oriented outdoor Market which is known for its abundance of antiques and vintage valuables. The great assortment and variety of goods being offered for sale ranges from artisan items collected from all over the world to handmade collections, collector’s vinyl, furniture, old tools, sad looking headless dolls, vintage glasses/plates/clothes, antique furniture, used DVDs, VHS, broken music instruments, Vintage purses, hats, jewelry, toys, old coins and stamps, malfunctioning kitchen aids and all sorts of random things.

If you are desperate for some decorative items not covered in dust or simply jonesing for some new jewelry, the Alemany Flea Market is the place you want to visit. It is open every week, rain or shine, the entire year – though it is is a bit less attractive on the first Sunday of the month, when all of the best dealers tend to go sell at the Alameda Point Antiques Fair.

Garage Sale days happen on the first Sunday of every month, where non-regular vendors are invited along with the regulars to sell their garage sale items. Alemany Flea Market is a lively market and it is doable in a couple of hours, unlike the Alameda Antiques Faire which requires a full day commitment.

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4 reviews

  1. Open every Saturday year round, Alemany Farmers’ Market seems like the most real farmers market in SF. It’s not hoity toity, there’s rarely tourists, it doesn’t feel contrived or showy or pretentious, it has a great mix of sellers and a great mix of shoppers, lots of organic produce though not nearly all, and it’s mostly inexpensive. As it’s a community market, I rarely go there without bumping into someone, or a few someones, that I know.

  2. We were cautioned that this was a sketchy part of town and probably shouldn’t go. We didn’t head that warning and glad we went. First, parking is difficult as the day progresses but if you are patient you will be rewarded. The market is not huge so doable in a couple of hours. There are regular spaces with a bit higher prices and then some on the outskirts with more junk. It’s worth the stop and don’t be afraid to make an offer!!

  3. Alemany is big enough that it offers a wide variety of sellers and items (old tools, fishing gear, kitchenware, plants, clothing, furniture, knick knacks of all eras, etc) but not too big to be overwhelming (unlike Alameda, which will take most of the day to get through). You might be disappointed if you’re on a mission for a specific item, but if you’re just browsing, you might find more than you expect.

    Some vintage items are dirty and virtually untouched; others sellers have taken poor-condition vintage items on as projects to “fix up”into useful items. “Fixing” typically reduces antique/resale value (but increases practical value, depending on the buyer’s intent) so make sure to ask questions about anything in suspiciously good condition that you plan to re-sell.

  4. We went to Alemany Flea Market not knowing what to expect. From getting off at a deserted number 9 bus stop, to making our way towards where it was located on the map, we found that this was no ordinary market. It is overcrowded with stalls selling old bags to vintage clothes, dusty cameras to brand new guitars and normal house-hold goods. And all at low, realistic prices! There is even a food truck there to nourish buyers and sellers alike. If you go early you can score some rarities, but if you go late you can find tables selling everything for $1 or less towards the end of their day. Also, if you haven’t been before, Bernal Heights Park is close by and offers great views of San Francisco city as a bonus to the day!

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