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Dubbed by locals as Savannah's Most Interesting Shop, Alex Raskin Antiques store has become somewhat of an attraction in the Hostess City of the South

Dubbed by locals as Savannah’s Most Interesting Shop, Alex Raskin Antiques store has become somewhat of an attraction in the Hostess City of the South. The “last unrestored grand mansion of Savannah” is now a cramped, mouldering maze of antiques, filled with goods of all shapes and sizes spread over four huge floors. To say this place is big feels like a bit of an understatement.

As well as the history represented by the building itself and the interior items, this house of Alex Raskin Antiques also has a level of fame since being named one of the most haunted buildings in the area. Should ghost-hunters make a pilgrimage here, do not expect a warm welcome from the antique-loving owner! Those in search of treasures from yesteryear, however, will find this antique store to be worth a trip when visiting the area.

The New York Times once called this antique store “the IKEA antidote”. And for a reason: all four flours of Alex Raskin Antiques are filled to the brim with everything old and unusual. The high ceilings of the lower levels leave no doubt that visitors have entered a historical time. Climbing through the floors and often over pieces of furniture, it is clear that it is all too easy to get lost among the treasures in here. This is sometimes literally the case, and children are not permitted to enter the upper levels without adult supervision. Travelers who are familiar with the antique scene of La Havana, won’t help but find some similarities with the Casa Belkis.

The more experienced antique collectors are going to get the most out of a visit to Alex Raskin Antiques. Browsers need to be comfortable diving in through the dust to uncover many a hidden gem. There are remarkable items of furniture in all shapes and sizes, mirrors, pictures, lamps and light fittings, ornaments, china-ware and chandeliers among the vast collection here.

Alex Raskin Antiques has quality items within its walls, and prices do tend to reflect this. However, the owner is happy to enter into conversation and bargaining over specific pieces of interest. This store should not be missed by anyone passing through Savannah.

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