Brocante des Allées François Verdier

The Brocante des Allées François Verdier is a huge flea market hosting more than 120 professional merchants from across the south of France

For the past 30 years, “La Ville Rose” has been hosting a huge flea market with more than 120 professional merchants from across the south of France. Once set along the Avenue Jules Guesde, this monthly flea market was relocated back in 2011 along the Allées François Verdier and is considered by many, one of the largest Flea markets in the Southwest of France.

This flea market, frequented by both enthusiasts who like to rummage through old boxes, and other passers-by who pause to discover a world of heterogeneous objects they’re not familiar with, features all kinds of prices. However, the brocante of the Allées François Verdier has a reputation for being generally a bit pricey compared to other flea markets in the region, and bargains are unlikely; vendors are discerning and knowledgeable about the value of their goods.

From old 18th century furniture, silverware and fabric, to 1980s home decor, books, military memorabilia, fine French porcelain and other eclectic items, the variety of collectibles available at the Brocante of the Allées François Verdier, is pretty large (with an emphasis on the decorative over the rustic).

But truth be told, exhibitors attending this brocante are all professionals selling beautiful and high-quality merchandise. And regular customers as well as professional antique dealers from Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain, know it. Nonetheless, many trinkets remain very affordable (compared to Paris for instance), particularly since they don’t carry the 30% – 50% markup of an antique store.

All in all, a visit to the brocante of the Allées François Verdier is a must-do in Toulouse, particularly since it can (and should!) be combined with a stop-over at the nearby brocante Saint Sernin.

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2 reviews

  1. The sun-dappled Allèes Francois Verdier is the perfect setting for the charming monthly flea market in Toulouse.

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit a real French flea market, so a holiday in the beautiful late-spring Pyrenees gave us the opportunity for a long drive into Toulouse, to visit the monthly weekend market that seems to appear in just about every ‘best of’ list out there. C’est magnifique!

    This flea market market was full enough of amazing stuff to keep me happy: from pre-WW1 and older through mid-century and up to the 70s and 80s. We wandered up and down for a good hour or two, and came away with a couple of records, a lovely battered wooden file box, a bright green plastic apple-shaped ice bucket, and a lingering sense of regret that we flew to the south of France instead of driving an empty Transit van across the channel.

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