Antiekmarkt Delft

Every Saturday, Antiekmarkt Delft turns the canal-ringed birthplace of the eponymous hand-painted blue-and-white pottery into one of the best places to visit in the western Netherlands

The canal-ringed city of Delft might not be the most famous city in the Netherlands – often eclipsed by cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, or its two larger neighbors Rotterdam and The Hague – but this does not mean that it is not worth a trip! Quite the contrary: every Saturday, the birthplace of the eponymous hand-painted blue-and-white pottery turns into one of the best places to visit in the western Netherlands, thanks to its local markets.

Antiekmarkt Delft is particularly full of treasures. And because there is a farmers’ market alongside the antique market, the town square comes to life with activities, music and other live shows. The bargains at the Antiekmarkt are second to none, and anyone who enjoys a good flea market or generally rummaging through second hand and antique wares is not going to want to miss this.

There is great variety of merchandise sold at Antiekmarkt Delft. Delft is famous for its blue and white pottery, a style copied in this area from China centuries ago. There are many examples of this work found at this flea market, both antique and more modern pieces. There are also candle holders, art work, glass ware, toys, furniture, picture frames, mirrors and too much else to name, so be sure to visit!

Antiekmarkt Delft features around 120 stalls spread along the canal that boarders Hippolytusbuurt, and there are literally thousands of items for sale waiting to be discovered. Among the traditional antiques – like one can find at De Haagse Antiek en Boeken Markt – there are plenty of curios and random but gorgeous objects to see and buy. Pricing is quite reasonable, and on top of this bargaining is welcome. Therefore it is generally advised to bring a few bags, as one easily ends up buying much more than planned.

The Antiekmarkt Delft has been a tradition in the city for many years now, and is incredibly popular with locals, tourists, and enthusiasts from further afield. Dutch people often travel from Rotterdam and The Hague to hit Delft on market day, and tourists now make sure to visit the city on a Saturday if they only have limited time. The antiques market is also open on a Thursday, but the Saturday affair is much larger, more thriving and also includes a book market.

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