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Looking through the catalog of Antique Archaeology is to take a glimpse at America through the ages, and casual shoppers will be as entranced as serious antique and vintage collectors by the selection of goods available here

Sometimes, those that love antiques have a very specific idea in mind of what they most want, especially when thinking about interior design or needing that one special thing for a certain spot in the house. These kinds of antiquing enthusiasts are going to love a trip to Antique Archaeology. One store is located in LeClaire Iowa, and the owners have a second store too in Nashville, Tennessee. Anyone that lives in the neighborhood of either one of these stores will want to check them out in the not too distant future. They are worth a bit of a road trip too if you happen to live further afield.

Antique Archaeology may ring a bell with some readers, as the owner, Mike Wolfe, is the subject of the TV show American Pickers. He has an obvious life-long passion for everything old, rusty and American and has a real eye for pieces that appeal to many collectors. Mike and his team are often commissioned to go out on a hunt for specific items, or antiques fitting a theme. And in these tasks, they never let a customer down. They know their business inside out, and what they do not know about Americana through the ages is not worth knowing!

The goods found for sale at Antique Archaeology are as wide-ranging as people’s tastes can be. The owner specializes in bicycles, both vintage and antique, and no distance is too far to travel if he hears wind of a classic up for grabs. Nothing is too large or too small for this store. Vintage cars are rejuvenated and made roadworthy once again for the right buyer. Advertizing memorabilia of all shapes and sizes is for sale. Oil cans and all kinds of curios from the gas industry is there for collectors. Looking through the catalog of this store is to take a glimpse at America through the ages, and casual shoppers will be as entranced as serious collectors by the goods available here.

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