Galena Antique District

With a population of just over 3000 and a collection of wonderful stores, Galena has made a name for itself among antique and vintage enthusiasts in Illinois

If you can not get enough shopping time but get fed up with the city crowds, Galena Antique District has the answer to your problems. It is close enough to the city of Chicago to be made in a day trip, or just far enough to have the perfect excuse for a weekend away.

With a population of just over 3000 and a collection of wonderful stores, Galena has made a name for itself among antique and vintage enthusiasts in Illinois. Most stores are clustered on Main Street, and offer something for everyone. And those with a particular interest in antiques are going to be spoiled for choice.

Galena Antique District offers the chance to completely renovate one’s house, find unique birthday presents for friends, grab a quirky souvenir or buy an item that is certain to start conversations in your home. Stores like “All That’s Vintage” are hard to miss on the street, making quite the effort to draw shoppers in with their fantastic window displays showcasing their range of goods within. Inside there are excellent vintage toy collections, old cameras, crockery and other kitchen ware, mirrors and other wall hangings and a wide range of knick knacks that seem good for nothing, yet at the same time mesmerizing.

Those that keep weird and wonderful collections will almost definitely find something worth keeping among the stores in Galena Antique District. “Peace of the Past” has great collectibles and wonderful vintage books. Bibliophiles will find themselves lost in here. “You Gotta Be Kidding” showcases a large selection of vintage toys, Coke and Pepsi memorabilia and other Americana, glasses, Barbie dolls, bank signs and plenty more to keep the nostalgia flowing.

If browsing is more appealing than heading for specific collectables, the “Tin Pan Alley Antique Mall” in Galena Antique District will definitely keep visitors busy. With many vendors housed within, this antique mall is the perfect place for those who love a story behind their shopping. It is easy to see why both antique enthusiasts and more general shoppers return regularly to Galena.

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