Antique Row West Palm Beach

Antique Row West Palm Beach is home to over 50 shops dedicated to antiques and vintage goods, lining up too much choice for even the most discerning of collectors

Those that have an eye and a taste for antiques of the higher end need to take a visit to Antique Row West Palm Beach in Florida at least once in their lifetimes. It is a bit of a paradise for such collectors, as store after store is filled with top quality curated displays. More than 50 shops are now dedicated to antiques and vintage goods in this area, lining up too much choice for even the most discerning of collectors.

Antique Row West Palm Beach has become a district in its own right. Antique stores specialize in items spanning the last four centuries, and stunning art galleries and award-winning restaurants compliment the shops. Many publications have branded this area as the antique design center of Florida, and the world’s best interior designers have been shopping in these stores for decades. Of course, collectors are going to have a ball here, and it is also the perfect location for anyone searching for interior design inspiration to come and walk through.

The variety of items for sale along Antique Row West Palm Beach is quite incredible. Whatever your taste or collecting whimsy may be, you will find something worth buying here. Among the stores are Victorian handkerchiefs, decorative arts, Scandinavian antiques, chandeliers, crystal sconces, European and Chinese antique furniture pieces, sculptures, porcelain and so much more. Most items are priced at the higher end, some more affordable, so take the time to shop around and find the right piece for you.

Antique Row West Palm Beach stretches for roughly a mile, meaning the area is easy enough to walk through. It can still take most of a day to do so, as there is so much to see in each store. If desired pieces are too big to handle, why not take advantage of the reliable shippers and delivery firms, and pack-and-ship providers that are scattered among the row? There are also excellent real estate services that can be acquired here.

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