Arch 389

Featuring over 1500 square feet of space dedicated to quality vintage items, Arch 389 is a fairly large spot in London for collectors as well as casual shoppers with a penchant for all things from yesteryear

Arch 389 is a vintage gem located in Hackney since the early 2000s. Featuring over 1500 square feet of space dedicated to quality vintage items, it is a fairly large spot in the city for those with a penchant for all things from yesteryear. With more than a few such stores and markets to choose from in London, this one should definitely be at the top of the list, for both collectors and the more casual shoppers alike.

Arch 389 is proud to stock and show off only quality items, and the store takes care to vary the goods on display. This means that even the most regular of shoppers will always have news things to investigate and add to their wish lists! Each item in there is a unique, one of a kind piece, which is of course what most visitors to a store like this are searching for. Anything bought here will be the perfect addition to any home, and will certainly be a conversation starter too.

It is definitely hard to step into Arch 389 and leave empty-handed. The selection of vintage furniture inside is quite incredible, and it is tempting for visitors to redesign their entire homes and fit them out with only the goods found here! Among the furnishings are also works of art, photographs, decorative items, lamps, wall maps, items of clothing, storage units, and more. It often feels like the store is full to bursting, which makes it all the more tempting to buy a few things and make some space!

The goods for sale at Arch 389 literally spill out of the front doors, so vintage enthusiasts will find it impossible to walk by without stopping in here. After one visit, it is too easy to become a regular shopper here, and slowly transform your home into a vintage showroom too.

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