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Since 2010, Bart Antik has been providing residents of St Quay Perros in northern Brittany with the perfect antiquing experience, offering plenty of opportunities to add a treasure to one's collections

Since 2010, Bart Antik has been providing residents of St Quay Perros in northern Brittany with the perfect antiquing experience. Browsing through the store feels like visiting a flea market, but without the stress of early mornings and bargain-hunting crowds. The store is well laid out, making it easy to see what kind of things are available, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable regarding the goods that they have and antiquing in general. All in all, it is a charming shopping experience to stop by here, with plenty of opportunities to add a treasure to one’s collections.

The interior design of Bart Antik has been especially well attended to. Stepping into the store is like entering someone’s home, albeit one that is filled with stunning antique goods and picturesque furnishings! The different rooms within the store are set up according to themes, so those that are shopping for particular collectibles can head to the appropriate room of the store. However, the most fun is had when visitors take their time and enjoy each area, taking pleasure in the unique items found throughout.

Though there are themes within Bart Antik, the owners do not feel the need to keep all items of one period together. In fact, collectors never quite know what they might find in each display throughout. Furniture of Scandanavian origin can be found alongside nautical items, paintings, navigation instruments, glassware, ornamental pieces, lighting fixtures, chests, and a whole lot more.

Plenty of the items for sale in Bart Antik have been lovingly and professionally restored by the owner himself. His store came into being off of the back of a lifetime of interest in all things vintage and antique, and there is little that he does not know about restoring such items to their former glory. One visit to this store is never enough; luckily it is open almost every day!

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