Bentleigh Sunday Market

Touted locally as a great place for a car boot sale, Bentleigh Sunday Market hosts around 145 stalls selling anything from traditional flea market finds, to all kinds of knick-knacks.

Bentleigh Sunday Market, also known as a Trash and Treasure market, has been in operation since 1977 making it one of the oldest in Melbourne. Proudly ran by local Rotary Club, entry is set at a gold coin donation and all proceeds go to fund worthy causes in the area. It is steeped in community spirit with many stall holders being ever present at the site for over 10 years!

Touted locally as a great place for a car boot sale – stalls cost only $10 – Bentleigh Sunday Market boasts of around 145 stalls selling anything from traditional flea market finds, books, clothing, jewelry and the like, to cosmetics, plants, tools and a good range of antiques. The market is a jewel in the crown of the local community and it is easy to see why. The dedication and hard work put in for charitable causes along with the thousands of visitors each week set this market apart from many others.

Every Sunday throughout the year, including Easter, the Bentleigh Sunday Market opens its doors to an army of visitors keen to grab a bargain. Whatever the weather, the vendors pack the area and offer its visitors a unique blend of mid century antiques and vintage wares to the more typical garage sale items. There are plenty of second hand electrical goods on offer as well as a solid collection of arts and crafts.

Key to the Bentleigh Sunday Market success is the tireless work put in by the Rotary Club of Bentleigh Moorabbin Central. Since the markets creation in 1977, over $2 million have been raised to support the local charities and projects.

On its first ever market day, Bentleigh Sunday Market had 73 vendors and raised more than $952 – putting that into context, that is around $3.5 thousand of today’s money. Funding projects in the past have ranged from Bushfire Support to the devastating Earthquakes in Haiti. On market days you will also discover various charity organisations promoting their causes.

There is always a wide variety on offer at the Bentleigh Sunday Market, anyone interested in ‘Op Shopping’ is advised to visit and find something they are passionate about. There are a number of cafes located near by for refreshments. Getting here early can avoid the stresses of parking, the car park gets busy from 9am onwards and can become a struggle.

Cash is the accepted method of transaction so make sure you bring plenty, there are few opportunities to use your card. Dogs and bicycles are not permitted and neither are shopping trollies, so if you are expecting to purchase a lot of items, make sure you bring the family along to help you carry.

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  1. I don’t know why one is not allowed to bring their dog into the market. It would be no different from walking a dog in the Main Street of Bentleigh. This is very annoying , I would never leave my dog tied up outside with the fear of some idiot taking my dog away. Our dog goes everywhere with us, so, why can’t we take our dog to the market? She a tiny Maltese, I’d say a toddler would do more damage in the market than a dog.

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