Great Collectors Heaven Fair

The Great Collectors Heaven Fair attracts collectors, enthusiasts and sellers from suburban Melbourne and country Victoria, looking for hard to find collectables memorabilia and nostalgia of every description.

The Great Collectors Heaven Fair brings exactly what the title suggests. Specialist dealers from inner-state set up the stalls and dish up a treat. This vintage seekers heaven has anything from trading cards, Star Wars memorabilia, old school game consoles and scale model collections. The infectious excitement in the air will drag you through the doors and down the aisles as you hunt out your next big find.

Top of the agenda at the Great Collectors Heaven Fair is tracking down that elusive piece from your collection. It is in here somewhere. With endless rows of treasures and collectibles on offer, a little bit of patience and a lot of dedication are required to make sure you see everything.

Despite there being various Great Collectors Heaven Fair running throughout Victoria – they are managed by the same company and have been successfully in operation since 1993 – the consistency and quality is bound to be there whichever event you visit.

Traders delight in recalling the history of their items and really bring their products to life. The personal value of that antique clock or pre war radio raises somewhat once you get to know its story. Stand back from the crowds and chat with the vendors whilst drinking a coffee for a pleasant break.

Homeware enthusiasts will be amazed by the selection of fine China and exquisite porcelain seen at these events. Retro glassware from crystal decanters to murano glass jewellry look elegant and stylish. Vintage lamps both classy and comic offer different ends of the spectrum the perfect lighting solutions.

Film and comic fans are in for a special treat at the Great Collectors Heaven Fair. Figures, models, posters, books and signs litter the walls and tables and it is no surprise die hard fans are regular visitors to these events. Along with common and popular items there are hundreds of rare and obsolete objects which can set the heart racing. Play it cool and haggle a good price.

The Great Collectors Heaven Fair has an outstanding collection of retro design and vintage furniture. For lovers of all things nostalgic be prepared to part with your money. Charming and ornate record players put modern stereos to shame with their beauty. Furniture from the past century will look perfect with the intricate chess set. Antique mirrors that look like the set of Snow White are never a bad acquisition.

Sports fans can rejoice with a range of artifacts across all different genres. Cricket bats and first generation sport balls look fantastic in a display cabinet. There are trading cards of all kinds to bring back memories of past glories. There is also an extensive collection of autographed memorabilia to sift through and admire.


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