Birkelunden Marked

Birkelunden Marked in Oslo’s Grünerløkka district, is a true local gem, featuring a seemingly endless array of vintage clothing, costume jewelry and antique furniture

Birkelunden (“The Birch Grove” in Norwegian) is a relatively large park located at the top of the Grünerløkka district, where a flea market is held almost every week from January ’til December. In Spring and Summer, the park is divided in two sections, where the flea market is held at the bottom, while the top part of the park as usual with a fountain and lawns where one can sit and relax and enjoy life.

During the week the Grünerløkka neighborhood is alive with locals shopping at boutiques, sipping their morning coffee at one of the many cafes or simply walking their dogs through Birkelunden Park.

Come the weekend everything changes. The shops in the Grünerløkka district close, making room for the Bruktmarket or Flea-market at Birkelunden park. Fashion devotees jostle with collectors and bargain hunters as they stroll through a seemingly endless array of vintage clothing, costume jewelry and antique furniture (particularly from the 1950s-1970s). It is also jam-packed with the regular flea market staples: ceramics, glassware, silver-plated objects, ceramics, vintage toys, old vinyl records, books, old militaria and memorabilia from the 60-70’s, lamps, mirrors, countertops, gadgets, piggy banks, bicycles, funny signs, books, electrical goods and curios.

Oslo’s Grünerløkka flea market is truly a local gem. This flea market is as much a curiosity as it is really trading; the atmosphere and all the weird things make it worth a visit even if you are not necessarily looking for used vinyl records or a glaring lampshade. If you head here on your trip to Oslo and seriously want to shop for vintage jewelry and other items, plan a few hours to browse the different stalls. There are a lot of discoveries to be made.

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    3 reviews

    1. Birkelundens søndagsmarked er perfekt om man er på jakt etter rimelige og merkverdige duppeditter til heimen, eller om man man vil slå i hjel noen late timer en søndag på Løkka.

      Markedet bugner med gamle smykker, klær, møbler, kassettspillere og andre gamle greier fra fordums tider. De som jobber her slår gjerne an en prat og det er ikke vanskelig å tilbringe lengre tid på markedet.

      Favoritter: LP-boden, alle de kule, gammeldagse skilta med vittige skriblerier og de nærmest antikke elektriske gjenstandene (båndopptagere, kassettspillere osv).

    2. I walk by this marked almost every Sunday and once in a while, I do find a bargain there. It is surely best during summer, with far more sellers present. Recently, stands with expensive “designer fleas” have started to sell there. I personally see no point in paying loads of money for used stuff.

      The best deals are done where the boxes full of unorganized things are. You can haggle with the sellers and leave happily with an old treasure. Normally, also a vinyl seller is there with some nice deals. All in all Birkelunden Market is worth checking out, but be patient!

    3. Det er så fint å ha et fast sted å besøke på en søndag, særlig når det er så fint som dette loppemarkedet. Og enda mer når det finnes sted hver eneste søndag – sommer eller vinter – så lenge ikke været er helt forferdelig (men til og med da finnes det noen ‘die hards’ som er der).

      Birkelunden Marked er et ganske godt organisert og hyggelig marked, jeg har aldri opplevd rare ting der, selv om det til tider er altfor mange mennesker. Det og det at det finnes steder å få billigere brukt-ting i Oslo og jeg i tillegg aldri virkelig har funnet noe jeg måtte måtte måtte ha her, gjør at markedet “bare” får fire stjerner.

      For en fin liten søndagstur er det uansett.

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