Located next to Norway's oldest sculpture park, Vestkanttorvet is a cute 100 booths flea market which offers a mix of antiques, vintage and knick-knacks, and give a pleasant taste of Norwegian culture.

Located next to Norway’s oldest sculpture park close to the city centre of Oslo is a cute little flea market that has occupied the area weekly since 1989. Vestkanttorvet is rather small, with 100 stalls being a good turn out, but well run, easy to find and a really pleasant area to spend a few hours. And even though it is not as famous as Oslo’s Birkelunden Marked / Grünerløkka flea market which is renown for being jam-packed with the regular flea market staples, Vestkanttorvet makes nonetheless for a pleasant flea market outing.

As with many flea markets, Vestkanttorvet is busiest in the nicest weather with both shoppers and stall holders, and does usually close for a couple of months over the winter. Sellers here are most commonly private individuals selling out second hand stuff from their houses, rather than dealers with a qualified interest in specific antiques. It can be tricky to find coveted antiques or unusual items at Vestkanttorvet but not impossible! As always, the earliest shoppers have the best chances of a great score.

The vendors at Vestkanttorvet are extremely friendly and quick to welcome and converse with shoppers, which makes for a really awesome atmosphere. There is usually a nice variety of things being sold, and shoppers have come away with anything from vintage jewelery to antique ceramics. People that live locally to Vestkanttorvet are advised to pop by each week, as there is always something different to be found or different stall holders to meet. It can be a great market for browsing through local items too, and gaining just a small taste of Norwegian culture.

There is a famous cafe at Vestkanttorvet, where tired flea market shoppers can stop to indulge in some Norwegian waffles and coffee, which can be the perfect end to a morning spent bargain hunting. Vestkanttorvet is definitely worth a visit, especially to take a break from the busier shopping areas of Oslo, enjoy lovely conversations and fun bartering challenges.

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