Blsak na interi (Inter Stadium flea market)

The football stadium in Bratislava is repurposed for many different events, and each weekend the Inter Stadium flea market, or Blsak na interi, attracts crowds of locals and tourists looking for bargains.

Over the year, the football stadium in Bratislava is often repurposed for many different events it hosts. And each weekend – as long as a football fixture is not scheduled – the Inter Stadium flea market, or Blsak na interi, takes over. This flea market is now Bratislava’s largest market, attracting crowds of locals in the majority, but tourists find their way there too, and often find themselves a bargain!

Blsak na interi is not a typical flea market and does not specialize in one type of antique or another. In fact, the main attraction of this market is the huge range of items on sale. The vintage goods give way to random second-hand wares – even a bit of a farmers’ market is spread through the grounds with fruit and veg on sale. This means that refreshment is always easily had and of course, shoppers will never be bored!

The range of merchandises on sale at Blsak na interi include vintage clothes, antique household items, crockery, glassware, framed paintings, old radios, toys and pieces of furniture. The pricing is fair, though it can be a challenge to sort through some of the piles and find the diamonds in the rough! Nonetheless, it is worth persevering as there are always great pieces to be found at Blsak na interi. The vendors are always friendly and are excellent in sourcing desired items – if something specific is requested that they do not have, be sure that this item will appear on their blanket the following week.

It is obviously easy to get to Blsak na interi as the Inter Stadium is on all the public transport routes in the city – bus, trolleybus and tram. There is a nominal fee of €0.80 to enter Blsak na interi, which is hardly worth mentioning and is certainly worth it for a few hours of enjoyable window shopping, bargain hunting or simply interacting with the sellers. Be ready to have fun and be prepared rummage for the best buys!

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