Brocante de Sommière

The Brocante de Sommière has been a staple in the town for centuries, welcoming every week over 100 vendors selling a wonderful selection of antiques and collectables, and up to 400 merchants for its yearly unmissable Grand vide-greniers brocante

Located at the crossroads between the Mediterranean sea and the Cevennes, the town of  Sommière is renown for its local traditions and its rich Roman and medieval heritage. For centuries Sommières has been a place of commerce and exchange, principally between the two major cities of the Languedoc region, Montpellier and Nîmes. And nowadays the city perpetuates this tradition, thanks to its weekly antique market: the Brocante de Sommière.

The Brocante de Sommière has been a staple in the town for centuries, and it is an event that the whole town takes part in and enjoys. Every Saturday, more than 100 vendors set up their stalls along the streets and on the town squares of Sommière, and the town’s historical surroundings make the search for treasures on the market stalls all the more pleasurable.

The vendors at all of the brocantes in Sommière bring a wonderful selection of antiques and collectables to the events. Old magazines can be found, alongside jewelry, silverware, chandeliers, vintage bicycles, vintage shoes and other garments, art, industrial design, antique furniture, sewing machines, mid century home decor, vintage telephones and plenty of other items that will have shoppers reminiscing about days gone by.

All vendors are well versed in the history of the area, as well as that of the goods they have for sale. Therefore, visitors to this market will leave with a lot more knowledge about Sommière and its surroundings, and will feel all the richer for it, regardless of how much money they have spent on antiques and knick-knacks!

In addition to its weekly Brocante, the town of Sommière organises four times a year an unmissable Grand vide-greniers brocante. This event welcomes more than 400 exhibitors and is a real celebration of everything antique and collectable. With local delicacies spread around the vendors, refreshments on every corner and stalls full of unique items around every corner it is a collector’s dream come true.

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