Brocante du Mas de Bagatin

Home to more than 250 professional and private vendors looking to have a bit of a clear out, the Brocante du Mas de Bagatin is a wonderful weekly event on the Gulf of Saint Tropez with that typical ‘Provençal’ atmosphere

Located on the Gulf of Saint Tropez in the beautiful region of Provence, Grimaud offers a wonderful experience of village life throughout the year, with the Brocante du Mas de Bagatin being one of the stand out features.

Located only a couple of miles away from the Brocante du Jas des Robert, the Brocante du Mas de Bagatin takes place every week on a Sunday and has been heralded as a ‘super flea market’ due to its size and popularity. With more than 250 vendors making their way here every week, it is a wonderful community event that brings this town to life and also brings local treasures out into the light.

The location of the Brocante du Mas de Bagatin adds up to the very ‘Provençal’ atmosphere of this wonderful event. Vendors set up in a park under the shade of pine trees and when the weather is fine, there is a real fair-like atmosphere to this flea market – helped by the bars and restaurant stands scattered throughout the market area.

Because this flea market welcomes both professional and private vendors looking to have a bit of a clear out, it is aimed at a wide range of customers from collectors to Sunday strollers looking for a good deal. Visitors will find vintage furniture, old kitchen appliances, gardening tools, pictures and paintings, books, bicycles, stamp collections, chinaware, old linen, faïence, wrought iron, trinkets, and so much more.

The keenest exhibitors start setting up from 5 am, so passionate collectors may also want to set an early alarm to get the first look at the wares as they are uncovered. Families will often stroll around the stands as a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning and the friendly crowds tend to mingle happily with one another and with the vendors too. Many of the vendors are regulars and seem to enjoy the social aspect of this flea market as much as the business side of it!

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