Brocante Les Bastions

One of the most attended flea markets in Belgium, Brocante Les Bastions brings together sellers from all over the country and beyond the border

Known as one of the most attended flea markets in the country, the Tournai flea market brings together once a week, a large batch of sellers from all over the country and even beyond the border.

Whereas seasoned buyers usually show up at dawn when sellers are still unpacking, enthusiasts and tourists usually show up a little bit later in the morning to stroll the market at their own pace.

The demand is such that the number of exhibitors is growing quickly out of control (around 200 sellers as of today), and stalls are now even spreading over all three car parks of the shopping center of Tournai. All in all, this is pretty good news for flea market enthusiasts like us!

Last but not least, it is important not to confuse les Bastions flea market with the Froyennes flea market, which is located at the entrance of the city.

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