European Antiques Warehouse

Renown for its daily new arrivals, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing, European Antiques is one of the major antique businesses in Europe, offering a wide variety of goods within its 50000 square feet warehouse

Founded in 1990 and managed by Carlos Watté, the European Antiques Warehouse is one of the major antique businesses in Europe. The premises expands over 50000 square feet and this huge space is wonderfully arranged with so many collectible vintage and antique items inside. It can take a good few hours to look through everything on display here thoroughly, which collector will want to do as you never know what is waiting to be discovered here.

The European Antiques Warehouse states that the secret of their success lies in the daily new arrivals, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. The fact that there is always something new to see in this massive showroom is certainly one of the things that keep collectors returning to shop here again and again. Another reason is the wide range of items found here. So many beautiful pieces of furniture are displayed, alongside an impressive collection of architecture salvage, chandeliers, stone carvings, statues, busts, ornamental pieces, lighting fixtures, and so much more.

From the outside, the European Antiques Warehouse is rather non-descript. Surrounded by residential houses in a fairly small village in the countryside, it is an unlikely place for such a treasure-trove of antiques to be found. That said, it is just a few miles from Northern France and a short drive off of one of the main roads, so is easily accessible for antique aficionados from France or Belgium! It is not an area that is frequented by tourists, so only those interested in the unique shopping opportunities provided by this store are likely to turn up here. It is definitely worth the trip though, for both collectors and casual shoppers alike.

The opening hours of the European Antiques Warehouse are few and far between. Therefore, visitors should check this out in advance, to be sure that a trip to this fantastic antique store is not made in vain.

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