Buchanan Antique District

Mostly known for its festive roadside yard sale US 11 Antique Alley the quaint little town of Buchanan is the perfect destination for antique dealers seeking premium vintage wares

Many shoppers these days are searching for more from their stores than a carbon copy of items found in every other shops on the high street. Those seeking memorable and unique items are going to love a shopping trip to Buchanan. This small town has become rather specialist in antique and collectable items from across the country, and is the perfect destination for antique dealers seeking premium vintage wares.

Buchanan is found in the picturesque Roanoke Valley at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mostly known for the festive roadside yard sale US 11 Antique Alley, Buchanan’s Main Street features five outlets overflowing with specialty items.

Visitors can definitely take a weekend or week long tour through the area, checking out the wonderful selections of collectables and valuables on offer along the way. Towns like Buchanan that once may have been struggling have discovered that there is a large appetite out there for quirky, one of a kind, bespoke items. People are craving special treasures with a unique story behind them, and Buchanan Antique District delivers these in droves.

The Buchanan Antique District has a great range of antique items. Goods range from small to very large, from suitable for every pocket to more pricey. It is an area that professional dealers will often scour, finding treasures to re-sell in their own stores. This makes it a great place to bump into experts and start up easy conversations about the items on display, or about your particular niche interest.

One of the newer additions to Buchanan Antique District is Purgatory Emporium, where more than 40 vendors are housed under one roof. This makes for a wonderful melting pot of interests, and anyone collecting something specific should pop in here as it is very likely that if nothing is currently on sale to suit you, you will meet someone who can point you in the right direction. Buchanan’s Main Street is full of options, and visitors here will certainly be spoiled for choice.

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