Bungay Antiques Street Fair

Since the late 1990s, the Bungay Antiques Street Fair has been a real celebration of all things vintage and antique, with more than 70 dealers traveling from all over the country and setting up shop in the streets of this quaint market town of Suffolk

The Bungay Antiques Street Fair takes place every year over one Sunday in July. As with many annual markets, it is always highly anticipated and well attended, by the local community as well as visitors from further afield and tourists. The street markets of Bungay are held in high regard and are an important part of the calendar for this town. And the Bungay Antiques Street Fair is no exception to the rule. This market is a real celebration of all things vintage and antique, and its organizers truly go the extra mile to make it a fun event for the whole family to attend.

Since the late 1990s, the Bungay Antiques Street Fair has been a summer feature for this market town in the English county of Suffolk. It quickly hit its stride and grew to be one of the largest antique fairs in this part of the UK. The main street of the town is closed down to traffic for the main day of the market, so vendors take over the streets and line the town. Shoppers are free to browse around all day and take in the sights and of course, secure themselves a bargain or two.

More than 70 dealers set up shop at the Bungay Antiques Street Fair. They travel from all over the country to be part of this event and bring a huge variety of antique and vintage collectibles with them! Visitors will find many different items of furniture, stamp and coin collections, vintage books, clothing, bicycles, gardening tools, kitchen utensils, telephones, typewrites, and so much more. There is so much to look at that it is definitely wise to arrive when the market opens and ensure that you have the full day to see everything.

As well as all the collectibles, the organizers of the Bungay Antiques Street Fair make sure there are stalls offering excellent home-made refreshments so that visitors can keep their energy up for bargaining! Live music and performances also feature during the day, creating a fantastic atmosphere at this family event.

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