Camp Flea Antique Mall

Camp flea is a 26,000 square foot antique mall with over 200 booths, packed with farmhouse primitives, industrial salvage, retro kitsch, vintage uniques & antiques

Camp Flea Antique Mall is an easy one to find. In their own words, you can not miss the ginormous ‘antiques’ sign that looms on the highway in Ozark, Missouri. This antique mall takes up more than 26,000 square feet of space and houses hundreds of different vendors within. There is so much to see here, all encased under one roof. Camp Flea Antique Mall is an antique lover’s paradise.

The collections of goods for sale at Camp Flea Antique Mall is carefully curated and regularly updated. There are plenty of primitive and vintage antiques within a boutique-like, vendor-space setting in this historic spot in Missouri. Those with an interest in old, bespoke, and second-hand treasures are going to have a field day in this mall. Vendors selling at Camp Flea Antique Mall display their collections with pride in creative and unique ways that can not fail to grab attention as shoppers pass and pull you in for a closer look. It is impossible to pass through this mall without seeing as least one thing that you must have.

Pricing at Camp Flea Antique Mall is kept very fair and vendors are not opposed to a bit of bargaining action. It is certainly possible to snag great quality antiques at some very reasonable prices if you know what you are looking for. The sellers within know their trade, and shoppers that spare the time will uncover some great stories and interesting facts behind any items of interest.

Camp Flea Antique Mall boasts to be packed with industrial salvage, retro kitsch, vintage collectibles, and antiques. To be more specific, some of the things you can find there include old sewing machines, spools and bobbins, fans and other vintage electrical items, clothing and bags, sporting goods, radios, clocks, brewing paraphernalia, furniture, garden tools and so much more. Camp Flea Antique Mall is definitely the place you can get lost in, and one you will want to visit again and again. Located across from Camp Flea Antique Mall is Ozark Antiques and Collectibles, an antique mall with more than 200 dealers under one roof, which has been enthralling collectors and casual shoppers in Missouri since 1993 with its selection of fantastic stores dedicated to quality vintage and antique items

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