Relics Antique Mall

Taking up over 90,000 square feet Relics Antique Mall is the largest of its kind in Missouri, and an antique-lover's paradise as everything old and treasured is celebrated here

Relics Antique Mall is the largest of its kind in Missouri, which is quite an achievement as this state has a few mammoth antique shopping malls like for instance West Bottoms in Kansas City.

Taking up over 90,000 square feet, this certainly is a store and a half! It is a massive space indeed, and an antique-lover’s paradise as everything old and treasured is celebrated here. The decor and layout of the interior of the building is something very special, and there is obviously a great deal of pride, knowledge and love that has gone into the creation of this space.

Among the many, many items for sale in Relics Antique Mall there is a large selection of antique furniture, both locally and internationally produced, countless glass pieces, vintage toys, antique tools, advertising memorabilia, costume jewelry, pottery, and porcelain, though this list is by no means exhaustive. For those that are not overly inspired by antiques, there is also a huge, fun, bargain home decor section that is intended to entertain all and definitely does so.

The space of Relics Antique Mall is divided into 500 different shops. All spaces are incredibly clean, well-kept and organized, meaning that despite of the size it is actually fairly easy to navigate around this antique mall. The whole building is air-conditioned and climate controlled, meaning it is a pleasure to spend a day shopping here at any time of year.

Within the building of the Relics Antique Mall is the Relics Tea Room, which is almost as popular as the antique for sale and definitely attracts its very own customers who have no interest in shopping whatsoever. Many items on the menu are famous now in their own right, and there is an extensive wine list to complement the food and provide motivation for extra shopping.

Relics Antique Mall provides so much more than a shopping opportunity, and it is easy to see why it is a favorite among antique enthusiasts!

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