Chatsworth Road Market

An increasingly popular location in London, Chatsworth Road Market is a collector's haven with its own vintage clothing stalls, and high quality antiques.

Every week, the residents around Chatsworth Road in East London are awoken to the homely aroma of freshly baked bread entwined with tongue tingling jerk chicken and the sweet essence of French crepes. It can only mean one thing – time to shake off the hangover and visit Chatsworth Road Market.

The moment you arrive at Chatsworth Road you are enveloped in the community feel. Most of the 80 vendors selling at the Chatsworth Road Market are local businesses and the fresh food on offer ranges from an organic free range butcher to an artisan cheese specialist. However, what really makes Chatsworth Road Market a collector’s haven lies behind the vendors and in the selection of interesting and diverse shops which have opened along the street itself.

With its own vintage clothing stalls, specialist off licence with tasting room and a store offering handmade products ethically sourced from India, it is no surprise Chatsworth Road is becoming an increasingly popular location – both for tourists and residents looking for a new area to live.

When you are in East London and looking for high quality antiques, you could do a lot worse than what is available on Chatsworth Road. Two specialist antique shops look over each other offering a wide range of classic vintage furniture, dazzling jewelry and a mixture of historical and classic camera equipment – perfect for the enthusiastic photographer.

Sanderson Sweeting Antiques specialises in beautiful 20th Century furniture, there are cupboards full to the brim of beautiful home decor and interesting works of art which add life to any home. Take a walk down into the basement to discover a collection of vinyl records that will take a full weekend to sift through. You could also come across a first edition of your favourite novel with its extensive assortment of literature. As soon as you walk into the store you see trendy antique metal signs scattered around vintage record players nestled among magnificent Georgian cabinets.

Across the street, Furnish specialises in high quality antique cabinets as well as general home-ware items with elegance and charm. Be sure to explore all the nooks and crannies inside to discover a fine selection of vintage jewelry.

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