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Cure Thrift Shop destroys thrift stereotypes by offering very high end pieces at discounted prices, as well as a selection of antique ornaments, home furnishings, and a few more obscure objects.

In preparing to go thrift shopping, it is normal to expect to rummage through disorganized clothing piles and stroll through cheap-looking stores. The focus is on the bargains, not the shopping experience. At Cure Thrift Shop, the thrift stereotypes are destroyed!

Walking into Cure Thrift Shop feels like entering a high-end boutique. The goods themselves create this feel as most of the clothing looks barely used to new in quality. However, great care has obviously been taken on the presentation and artistic displays in the store itself. Stretched over two floors, this huge space is utilized to the maximum and it is a pleasure to explore the whole store.

Vintage clothing dominates the selection of goods found here, and there is a wide range of items to be found. Cure Thrift Shop offers very high end pieces at discounted prices, and also cheaper high-street labels to be found. The shop also features a selection of antique ornaments and home furnishings, as well as a few more obscure objects.

It is easy to find valuable vintage clothing in Cure Thrift Shop at great prices, and it is worth following Cure Thrift Shop’s social media to take advantage of their regular sales, where pricing is reduced by as much as 50%.

Liz Wolff founded Cure Thrift Shop in 2008 as a non-profit venture to support research and advocacy for juvenile diabetes. The more that is bought, the nobler the deed done by the shopper – which makes the experience all the more enjoyable!

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