D’Oude Weverij

Driven by a lifelong passion for antiques and secondhand treasures D’Oude Weverij and Exclusive Antiques have grown since the late 80s into a highly reputable antique store specialized in antique furniture and one of the most popular in Flander

D’Oude Weverij is a family business and came into being in the late 80s. It was driven by a lifelong passion for antiques and secondhand treasures and has grown into a highly reputable antique store and one of the most popular in this part of Belgium. Over the years and with increasing popularity, the business expanded and the family now displays antiques in two 1000 square meter warehouses, D’Oude Weverij in Kortrijk and Exclusive Antiques in Wevelgem.

D’Oude Weverij can be referred to as the first showroom of this antiquing family and is found in the Belgian town of Kortrijk. There is a wide range of merchandise found here, which runs the gambit in terms of quality. This store endeavors to keep all prices low enough that everyone can enjoy shopping here and leave with something desired, whatever the budget. The second showroom is found in Wevelgem and is named Exclusive Antiques. The name is perhaps all the required description of the goods stocked here; beautiful, authentic antiques in perfect condition, made for avid collectors. Prices tend to be a little higher here, reflecting the highest quality.

Both the warehouses D’Oude Weverij and Exclusive Antiques specialize in antique furniture, with some other decorative items and household objects found beside. A wide range of styles are represented, such as Louis XV, Louis XVI, Chippendale, Henri II, Gothic revival, Tudor, Spanish style, Empire, Napoleon III, Louis Philippe, Massive, Rustique, and Baroque, to name but a few. Lighting fixtures, chandeliers, artwork, and chinaware are also among the antiques that can be admired here.

Those interested in visiting either of the warehouses D’Oude Weverij or Exclusive Antiques should note that the opening hours are few and far between. These are not stores that shoppers can turn up at any time and expect to find them open. If the limited opening times do not suit, it is possible to arrange a viewing of the antiques by appointment.

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