Harelbeke-Punt Antiques

With 25 different dealers housed in its 2,500 square meters warehouse and showroom, Harelbeke-Punt Antiques has something to suit all tastes and collections, and is one of the best spots in Belgium to go hunting for treasures from the past

Somewhat hidden behind a non-descript red-brick wall, Harelbeke-Punt Antiques is one of the best spots in Belgium to go hunting for treasures from the past. The store has more than 2,500 square meters and the interior is a bit of a cross between warehouse and showroom. With 25 different dealers housed here doing business, there is plenty of variety in the antiques on display and definitely something to suit all tastes and collections.

The staff at Harelbeke-Punt Antiques are sitting on a great deal of knowledge, so a visit here is a perfect opportunity for those perhaps beginning their collections to find out a little more about the pieces they have an eye on. With different dealers being present, it is possible to wander from vendor to vendor and make the most of the different areas of expertise! For those that can not make it to the store, the website is excellent and they offer worldwide shipping, though of course, the most fun comes from standing in front of such wonderful old treasures and in some cases, taking a trip down memory lane.

It is impossible to walk through Harelbeke-Punt Antiques quickly as there are eye-catching items wherever you turn. The items of furniture are stunning, stood next to bronzes and sculptures, paintings, clocks, lighting fixtures, chinaware, ornamental items, busts, candelabras and so much more. Prices tend to be a little on the high side, though this is reflective of the quality of the items that are for sale here.

Harelbeke-Punt Antiques is open almost every day during the week, therefore vendors take care to ensure that their displays do not become too repetitive and regularly receive new shipments of items to put up for sale. This extra effort means that even loyal customers of the store always have new things to browse through whenever they visit.

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