East 67th Street Market

Alive and well since the 1970s, the 67th Street Flea & Farmers Market is an institution in New York City

Alive and well since the 1970s, the 67th Street Flea & Farmers Market is an institution in New York City. It is located on 67th Street between First and York Avenues, and welcomes each week a variety of vendors and dealers and hundreds of visitors.

Products sold at the East 67th Street Flea Market include antiques, handcrafted items, old memorabilia, accessories, vintage clothes, and vintage collectibles. Since the flea market share the premises with a food market, visitors can kill two birds with one stone, and do their grocery shopping there. The 67th Street Farmers Market features fresh farm produce, baked goods and fresh cut flowers.

The East 67th Street Market is actually a lot bigger than it looks because it also has space in PS183 where visitors can find more items like sunglasses, jewelry, posters, glassware, and the usual second hand stuff.

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    3 reviews

    1. One of the nicest flea markets in Manhattan, the East 67th street market is an indoor and outdoor market when the weather permits. It attracts some great vintage and antiques sellers. I like the variety, and I like to talk to the vendors and the shoppers about the objects on the tables. You’ll also find farm fresh produce outside in season, as well as food to eat while you shop and stroll. I’ve found some real treasures here, not to mention historical artifacts.

    2. In the summer I love bellies Tomatoes yum

      Wonderful jewelry selection + many many small objects of art religious items vintage antiques jewelry just a beautiful selection and I guess I would say something for everybody and every taste check it out I think it’s worth the trip…

    3. Must Be Seasonal

      I’m sure it was because it’s winter but it was extremely disappointing. If you’re here visiting, its a bit out of the way from other places you may want to visit so I’d put this at the bottom of your list, especially in the winter. If you are looking for jewelry, this might be for you but otherwise skip it. I don’t know jewelry enough to know if it was worth it even then. It felt more garage sale than vintage flea.

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