Farfouille de Leyment (suspended)

The second largest flea market fair in France, with more than 1,700 vendors over a 20km area

The Farfouille de Leyment (in the Ain region, between Lyon and Geneva) is the second largest flea market fair in France after the Grande Braderie de Lille. Unfortunately, it was canceled in 2015 due to fears of terrorist attacks and remained suspended in 2016 and 2017. It still remains to be seen whether a Farfouille de Leyment 2018 will be scheduled.

Launched in 1982, the Farfouille de Leyment usually brings together more than 1,700 vendors and exhibitors once a year in August, on a 20 km2 area. Around 70,000 visitors and bargain hunters flock to Leyment to look for hidden gems, or just have a great family time. No wonder why this event nowadays has an international dimension!

The Farfouille de Leyment is indeed one of the few outdoor antiques fair of this scale and quality in France. In fact, bargain hunters travel as far as from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Austria to attend this event, and try their luck at bringing home something unique.

Paintings, postcards, trinkets, old furniture, lighting, old books, vinyl records, decor objects, stamps, pottery, antiques are some of the many items that can be found at this event.

To enjoy the Farfouille de Leyment, one does not necessarily have to be a skilled bargain hunter with something in mind and a strong knowledge of the antique market. Most people visiting the Farfouille de Leyment simply wander among the stalls without anything particular in mind, just enjoying the atmosphere of the flea market fair. And many of them actually manage to find this little something that will bring a vintage touch to their home. Something truly genuine.

Antiquing Tip Of The Day

If you’re buying 19th-century furniture, you’re probably looking for pieces that have primary or secondary paint. With newly painted pieces that are trying to look older, there’s usually a repetition in the paint that seems too regular. On a piece that has been banged around for the last 200 years, the paint’s not going to be regular; it’s going to be chipped off in places.

— Toma Clark Haines, founder of the Antiques Diva & Co.
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