Feinkost Flohmarkt

Held on the premises of a former brewery, the Feinkost Flohmarkt in Leipzig's Südvorstadt neighborhood is one of those flea markets where shopping is more than just "shopping", as the whole venue is a stage for a laid back and colorful hustle and bustle with something new to discover every month

The Feinkost Flohmarkt in Leipzig’s Südvorstadt neighborhood is one of those flea markets where shopping is more than just “shopping”. Independently of all everyday necessities, enjoyment is the only thing that stands in the foreground here. All those who want to stretch their legs at the “Karli” (short for Karl-Liebknecht-Straße) on a Saturday afternoon or look forward to a nice chat with the antique dealers meet here without the slightest time constraint.

The Feinkost Flohmarkt is held on the premises of a former brewery which was replaced by a food and canning company back in the 1920s. The only remnant of this era is the neon sign of VEB Feinkost Leipzig, popularly known as the Löffelfamilie, which still adorns the front of the Feinkost site and was declared a cultural monument in 1993.

Beyond its commercial purpose, the Trödelmarkt im Feinkost-Hof is above all a stage for a laid back and colorful hustle and bustle. Between baby strollers and flower vases, visitors will be able to overhear small talks or political debates, nibble on potato pancakes, and exchange the latest news with other flea market enthusiasts.

Far away from all the new-fangled mass-produced goods and the loveless check-in of big-city shopping centers, you can still find true treasures here at the Feinkost Flohmarkt. Be it an old pocket watch that you want to get running again, a remote-controlled electric car for your little nephew, or anything ranging from kitsch and vintage to second-hand toys, home décor, and jewelry. Even if you’re not in the mood of buying anything, the Feinkost Flohmarkt is always worth a stroll.

The 30 or so different stands are covered and therefore always operate rain or shine. On colder days, visitors can always take refuge in one of the neighboring stores and restaurants on the Feinkost site. The Feinkost eG Art and Trade Association which is in charge of the Feinkost Flohmarkt, has been working hard to counteract the vacancy of the premises. This has been achieved thanks to the partial reorganization of the venue into stores and co-working spaces, and the organization of artistic projects like a summer cinema/theater.

The legacy of its former use as a factory and its architecture continues to inspire a new generation of young artists, merchants, and craftsmen. Upon closer inspection of the commercial courtyard, the keen eye will discover refined design details that turn the Feinkost into a lively backdrop in which there is always something new to discover.

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