Antik- und Trödelmarkt auf der Agra Leipzig

Antik- und Trödelmarkt auf der Agra Leipzig is one of the biggest antique and second-hand market in Europe, hosting every month over 1,000 merchants overs a total surface of 5,000 sqm

Touted as one of the largest flea markets in Europe, the Antik- und Trödelmarkt auf der Agra Leipzig offers a great experience for locals as well as tourists. One week-end a month, the Agra exhibition centre in Leipzig/Markkleeberg hosts a large indoor antique and flea market, where close to 1,000 traders put up their shops, selling everything from antiques to furniture and other goodies.

Besides being one of the biggest of its kind in Europe, the Antik- und Trödelmarkt auf der Agra Leipzig is arguably the best in Leipzig. It is “ohne Neuwaren” (without new goods), meaning no cheap plastic junk and discounted socks and underwear are allowed on the premises of the flea market.

Spreading over two large exhibition halls with a total surface of 5,000 m², the Antik- und Trödelmarkt auf der Agra Leipzig is a true paradise for seasoned collectors, antiques lovers and flea market enthusiasts. Merchants at the fair sell a variety of items ranging from vintage appliances, early 20th century pictures, and WW2 memorabilia to Meissen porcelain, prints and paintings, silverware, and representative pieces of furniture of the baroque period.

No wondering why this flea market is one of the most popular one in the region, and is regularly rated by many websites as one of the must visit places in Leipzig, and even in Germany.

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  1. You have to go there in the morning of the last weekend of a month…. It’s the biggest flea/antique market some say of Europe, but for sure of Germany !

    You can get there a lot of stuff, it’s for a first timer overwhelming !!! So even if you don’t need anything, it’s simply fun to run around and look at the booths and people !

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