Feira Do Rio Antigo

Once a month, the century-old street Rua do Lavradio in Rio de Janeiro becomes home to the Feira Do Rio Antigo, an antique market much beloved by locals and highly popular with visiting tourist looking for a bargain.

Once a month, the century-old street Rua do Lavradio becomes home to the Feira Do Rio Antigo, also known as “Rio’s Old Fair”. This area of Rio de Janeiro was once run down, and back in 2004 the organizers of the Feira Do Rio Antigo had the idea to start this antiques and collectors fair as a way of instilling life and culture back into these historically significant streets. A monthly event may not feel like enough to achieve this, but in fact this area has been revitalized by the flea market, which attracts upwards of 20,000 visitors each time it is running.

The rich diversity of the types of items for sale at the Feira Do Rio Antigo is one of the reasons that this antique market is much beloved by locals and so popular with visiting tourists. There are always antique treasures to be found, of course easily spotted by those in the know and on the look out for excellent bargains. In fact, these shoppers are often found at the Feira Do Rio Antigo at the crack of dawn, rummaging with a flashlight. For the more relaxed visitors, there are vintage and homemade clothes, ornaments, accessories, household decorations and lovely works of art.

The Feira Do Rio Antigo also hosts many little boutique stalls that showcase hand-stitched bags, traditionally made wooden sandals and many other handcraft objects. All of these items are of excellent quality and make quirky additions to one’s wardrobe, as well as being awesome souvenirs of time spent shopping in Rio!

The whole street truly is a shopper’s paradise, and in addition to the hundreds of market stalls of the Feira Do Rio Antigo, many other shops are held inside the colonial buildings in the nearby area, as well as plenty of cafes and places to stop for refreshments to enjoy people-watching and re-charge ready for more bargain hunting.

The historic nature of the architecture venue really steeps visitors in the past and makes the perfect atmosphere for a vintage and collectors fair such as the Feira Do Rio Antigo.

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