Feira de Antiguidades da Gávea

The Feira de Antiguidades da Gávea is one of Rio de Janeiro's hot spot for antique shopping and has been since 1997 a weekly obligation for anyone who enjoys rummaging for second-hand goods and a good old bartering session.

The old port city of Rio de Janeiro is steeped in a history of trade and commerce. No wonder why so many of its inhabitants have embraced flea markets, antique sales and collectors fairs with real enthusiasm.

In addition to the monthly Feira Do Rio Antigo, flea market enthusiasts visiting Rio de Janeiro should not miss their chance to visit the Feira de Antiguidades da Gávea, also known as Feira Antiguidades Pca Santis Dumont.

Located in Gávea, a prestigious location which sits within the golden circle of the Zona Sul (South Zone), the Feira de Antiguidades da Gávea is one of Rio de Janeiro’s hot spot for antique shopping. It has been since 1997 a weekly obligation for anyone who enjoys second-hand goods, rummaging-as-browsing and a good old bartering session with a friendly stall holder.

The 80 stalls of the Feira de Antiguidades da Gávea are lined with Persian carpets, silverware, china, paintings, vintage clothing, ceramics, artwork, jewelry, records, watches, books, and many other odds and ends typically found at a flea market. This antique fair is a real gathering for all those interested in cultural events, and also features artists who exhibit their works including paintings and sculptures. The area is transformed into something like an outdoor museum in many ways, and is a joy to wander around.

Though the neighborhood is not as renown as some of the coastal spots, it has nonetheless established itself as a popular residential spot with lots to offer. For shopping fanatics, the Shopping da Gávea – one of Rio’s largest malls hosting over 200 stores – is located just a few blocks away from the Feira de Antiguidades da Gávea. So if spending urges have not been satiated at the antique market, then other opportunities are close by! The Gávea district is also home to a few theaters, a beautiful botanical gardens, plenty of restaurants, cafés, the Jockey Club Brasileiro race track, and a historic planetarium. Gávea is a really lovely area to spend a day.

Antiquing in Rio can often be a bit pricey, and higher prices are found at the Antiques Gávea. However, these prices reflect quality, and it is usually the case that purchased antiques are ready to display as they are found – no need for further pricey restorations or refurbishments. Antiques Gávea is perfect for those just cutting their teeth in the world of antiques, and also fantastic for those window.shoppers and people watchers alike.

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