Feria de Antigüedades San Miguel Arcángel

Once a week, local antique enthusiasts and tourists in Lima flock to the Feria de Antigüedades San Miguel Arcángel to soak up the nostalgic and jovial atmosphere of this flea market and find a bargain

Every Sunday, between the house of Porras Barrenechea and the circus-workshop of La Tarumba in Alfonso Ugarte Street in Lima, the Feria de Antigüedades San Miguel Arcángel displays its offers. Locals are regular shoppers here, and tourists make sure to visit this flea market as the streets are lined with vendors and treasures from the past are displayed. Nostalgia is palpable, bargains are a-plenty and the atmosphere is jovial. A visit here will certainly not be regretted.

There is plenty of passion for antiques found at the Feria de Antigüedades San Miguel Arcángel, and serious collectors will feel at home here. Many of the vendors are consummate professionals and have stores in the town. They are keen to share their knowledge of their wares, and inspire others to fall in love with the unique pieces for sale. Their goods are priced very fairly, and the more expensive pieces simply reflect a higher quality and/or a rarer item. Shoppers are still more than welcome to bargain over the goods though, of course.

There is a little bit of everything for sale at the Feria de Antigüedades San Miguel Arcángel. There are sets of cups and saucers,  tin lunch boxes, fantastic toy collections, tin Cadillacs, crystal lamps, biscuit porcelain, ornaments of all shapes and sizes, glassware, chandeliers, and international offerings such as English silverware, Japanese art, Danish armchairs, and Chinese vases. Journey both around the world and through the ages as you peruse the stalls and chat with the vendors.

Of course, shopping is the most popular past time of visitors to the Feria de Antigüedades San Miguel Arcángel. However, people also gather here to share knowledge, give restoration advice, and soak up the cultural surroundings. There is a great atmosphere here, and plenty to interest all from casual shoppers to serious collectors.

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