Flohmarkt Karlsplatz

Every Saturday since 1983, Flohmarkt Karlsplatz has been the go-to place for flea market enthusiasts and vintage lovers in Stuttgart, looking for bargains and collectibles while soaking up the vibes of the city

Flohmarkt Karlsplatz has been a long standing tradition in the city of Stuttgart. Every Saturday since 1983, this flea market has been the go-to place for flea market enthusiasts and vintage lovers in Stuttgart, who saw it thrive year after year. Flohmarkt Karlsplatz is popular with locals and tourists alike, and space for vendors is competitive too. There are currently more than 100 stalls here, and thousands of items to browse through every week. The atmosphere is particularly enticing, and if you are searching for something to do on a Saturday in the city then this certainly should top the list.

Flea markets are often one of the best places to get a feel for local people and soak up the vibes of a city or town, and this is definitely the case at Flohmarkt Karlsplatz. The vendors are incredibly friendly, with smiles for everyone and of course bargains too! It feels like they are just as happy to pass a few minutes with carefree conversation as they are to sell their wares. Happy banter often leads to happy purchasing here, and of course better prices can always be sought after and won.

There is a great selection of items available at Flohmarkt Karlsplatz, and truly something for all tastes. It has of course everything one can expect from a typical flea market, with some vendors selling second hand items that seem as though they may have been emptied out of household. But there are also some interesting collections too like traditional German beer mugs, antique cameras, WW2 Militaria, coins, dolls, and more than a few curios around. There is some great Mid-century and Biedermeier furniture, antique frames, crystalware ornaments, silverware, crockery, antique kitchen appliance, and also pieces that are perfect for creative folks to think about upcycling, like dusty wine crates from the 1950s. If you are stuck for ideas, engage with the vendors who are also great sources of inspiration.

As well as the awesome stalls, Flohmarkt Karlsplatz offers tasty refreshments and snacks. It really is the perfect market to visit to get a feel for the city and enjoy what Stuttgart has to offer.

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