Florence Antique Mall

Those with a passion for antiques in the mid-west of America should not miss out on a trip to Florence Antique Mall in Kentucky. Their show room has more than 50,000 square feet of space

Those with a passion for antiques in America’s mid-west, should not miss out on a trip to Florence Antique Mall, Kentucky. Their showroom has more than 50,000 square feet of space, and every inch of it is used to effectively display the myriad of antique and collectible items found here. It is definitely a store that is easy to get lost in, and a whole day can quite easily be spent in here admiring the goods, collating a wish list and picking out a few choice items that just can not be left behind.

The Florence Antique Mall is the perfect spot for those that love an antique market with the advantage of all stalls and items set under one roof. The store is climate-controlled of course, so there are no weather worries to contend with either and whether it is hot or snowing outside, the temperature within remains perfect for shopping. It is also open every day, so there is always a chance to grab that most desired collectible item.

With more than 300 display areas from so many different vendors, there is, of course, a fantastic range of antique and vintage items to choose from at Florence Antique Mall. Visitors can walk through a bit of a historical timeline, and staff is happy to answer questions and share their knowledge of their goods and the time periods represented. Native American artifacts can be found, alongside sports memorabilia including baseball cards, military medals, antique watches, jewelry, photo albums, telephones, lamps, linens, toys, paintings, lithographs, hats and so much more.

The collections on display at Florence Antique Mall really have to be seen to be believed. Collectors will have a field day here, and anyone with a starting interest in the field of antiques will find plenty here of interest. It is one of those mammoth malls that should certainly be visited, at least once in a lifetime.

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