Fremont Sunday Market

Often heralded as Seattle's favorite Sunday Market, Fremont Sunday Market has been since 1990 an incredibly popular weekly shopping destination for both locals and tourists alike

Often heralded as Seattle’s favorite Sunday Market, Fremont Sunday Market is an incredibly popular weekly shopping destination for both locals and tourists alike. It was founded in 1990, and shows signs of only getting more popular.

The founders took inspiration from the popular European markets in its creation and this is exemplified by the vibrancy, color and different accompanying activities that make this event so much more than a market each week.

The Fremont Sunday Market has up to 200 different vendors each week, making for an eclectic mixture of goods on display for sale. There are both indoor and outdoor areas to the market, so it can be enjoyed all year round, rain or shine! It is free to enter, and welcomes all family members, including furry ones, so it really is a great choice of location to spend a day out together and find something for everyone to enjoy.

There are a lot of antiques and collectibles to choose from at the Fremont Sunday Market. But there are a range of vendors that provide so much more, from intriguing bygones and curios, to retro items of all types imaginable, vintage clothes, original fashion pieces, tools, books and of course the occasional stall that seems to bear the contents of an entire household.

The Fremont Sunday Market also welcomes imports from around the globe, as well as encouraging new and original local designers and artists. There are also amazing hand-crafted items for sale, making it completely impossible to leave this place without buying something.

One of the things that makes the Fremont Sunday Market all the more popular is the fantastic menu offered by street food vendors and a rotating cast of gourmet food trucks. It is easy to see why many consider this the best way to spend a Sunday in Seattle.

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