Seattle Antiques Market

Since 1978, Seattle Antiques Market has been holding some treasures for collectors, and anyone interested in unique finds or a souvenir with a story will find plenty to buy here

For an antiques store that has almost as much history as the goods within, take a trip to Seattle Antiques Market. It has been in business since 1978, and the couple that opened it up are still working here. They and the rest of the team bring a huge amount of knowledge to the store, and it is possible to spend a lot of time in here talking about bygone times. For collectors, this place surely holds some treasures, though anyone interested in unique finds will find plenty to buy here.

Seattle Antiques Market fills up more than 6000 square feet with antiques and vintage items. The owners take care that their inventory is often rotated and updated, meaning there is always something new and intriguing for regular visitors. It is easy to see why this store has secured their wonderful spot on the waterfront for so many years. Locals are often found shopping within, though it is a great spot for tourists to pop into as well, for a little local knowledge and potentially a souvenir with a story.

The range of goods found in Seattle Antiques Market is great, and ensures that there really is something for everyone. Pieces of antique furniture have been carefully selected, old bicycles are within, there are lots of vintage magazines, typewrites, radios, phonographs and vinyl records. There are advertising signs and other samples of Americana, as well as vintage toy collections and nautical antiques. Whatever is of interest to collectors can no doubt be found somewhere in this store.

It is impossible not to get caught in nostalgia when walking through Seattle Antiques Market. Staff are more than happy to engage in a little reminiscing, and it is very hard to leave this store without taking a little (or large!) piece of the past with you.

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