Grande Brocante de Le Plessis-Brion

Once a year, the Grande Brocante de Le Plessis-Brion brings the quiet village of Plessis-Brion into life, turning it into one of the largest flea markets in northern France with 350 vendors and over 20,000 visitors flocking to this event

Once a year, the small village of Plessis-Brion bursts into life with one of the largest flea markets in northern France, the Grande Brocante de Le Plessis-Brion. Almost 20,000 visitors crowd this venue year after year and fill up the 2,700 meters of exhibition space in the village. The atmosphere created is quite wonderful, and the buzz in the air is felt by vendors and visitors alike.

Since the Grande Brocante de Le Plessis-Brion is one of the first flea markets of the season, it capitalizes on those spring feelings as everyone enjoys being outside and gathering at a social event. The fact that fantastic, unique bargains can be picked up too just adds to the jovial mood! Organizers are full of energy, and most of the 350 stallholders are engaging and full of information about their wares.

On any normal day, the village of Le Plessis-Brion has just over one thousand inhabitants, so the Grande Brocante swells the numbers significantly! It has been an annual event here since the 90s, so it is very well known among locals and those from surrounding areas, and the popularity continues to grow. Vendors are attracted here from all over France, creating a great diversity of vintage and antique goods for sale, and plenty of collectible items to be bargained over.

The Grande Brocante de Le Plessis-Brion opens for trade at 6 am, and of course, the keenest collectors can be found searching through the fully stocked stalls within the early hours. If you do not fancy setting an alarm for such an unearthly hour, there is no need to worry about missing out. With so many vendors, there are plenty of bargains for everyone, no matter what time of the day you make it to the market. However, you can easily spend the whole day here, so why not wear comfortable shoes, arrive in the morning and make the most of it. After all, it only happens once a year.

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